The Power Of Brand Champions

Twitter has Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow), Lady Gaga (@gagamonster96) and Donald Trump (@RealDonaldTrump).

Instagram has Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and The Rock.

Snapchat has Chrissy Teigen, Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled (djkhaled305).

YouTube has made stars like PewDiePie, Rhett & Link, and Roman Atwood.

And Facebook has, all your friends and family!

These accounts have millions of followers, and create a hive of activity on the platform.

Donald Trump is a prime example of a brand champion.  How many people have become more active on Twitter through interest in his tweets?  Well, Twitter reports recent growth of over 10% in active users compared to the previous year.


What business wouldn’t want someone continuously drawing positive attention to them… and for free?

Of course it would be great if that someone was a celebrity.  Or the President.  But the principle is the same regardless of scale.

A lot of business gets generated through word-of-mouth.  In fact, it’s the best source of advertising you can get.  Take a look at this ad comparison from Neilson:


People won’t trust your expensive ad campaigns as much as when their friend says your good.

An article in the Harvard Business Review demonstrated the significance of word-of-mouth marketing.  It used an advertising campaign aiming to grow referrals.

The featured telecoms company targeted <8 000 of its customers, with advertising of around $30 000.  The profit from these campaigns (over a customer’s lifetime) was nearly $500 000.

This telecoms company had a customer database of 40 million.  Extending the same advertising to 1 million of these would see their value increase to around $50 000 000.

What is so great about someone willing to champion your business is that it leads to more people doing the same!

So what is the lesson from all this?  Well, more than anything it is to value your customers.  Be (very) grateful for anyone you consider to be a brand champion.  For those that aren’t, do what you can to elevate them to that level of satisfaction and loyalty.  You will more than recoup your efforts.


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