Conker careless mistakes

Mistakes.  Everyone makes them.

To reduce the chances of a public faux pas, follow a few (quick and easy) steps.

Plan ahead
The best thing about planning ahead is it gives you time to get things right.  Writing under less pressure reduces the likelihood of slip-ups.

Breaks reduce mistakes
Another advantage of writing over a longer period is that you can take breaks.  Coming back to your work after time away is a little like setting a new pair of eyes on what you’ve done.  Speaking of which…

Ask someone to proofread
There is no shame in asking someone to check your work.  Ask them to read once to see if it reads well and makes sense, and a second time to see if they can find any mistakes.

Use a spell and grammar check
This is an obvious one.  We often do our own checks and then feel confident we have captured any errors.  Spelling may be ok, but are you certain you didn’t write “their” instead of “they’re”?  Take away the risk and run a check.

Consider regional differences
If your audience is in the US, “My neighbor and I traveled to the center of town for a night of humor at the theater” is fine.  If your audience is in the UK they will likely notice one of the 5 mistakes.

Work on your grammar
If you have to write something and you’re uncertain if it’s right, you will find the answer on a forum somewhere.  Better to find out than to avoid the chance of being wrong.

Learn a few useful rules, like when to use “who” and “whom”, how to avoid dangling participles, and so on.

The Oxford Dictionary has a page full of useful tips –

And for a few more tips on creating great content, read our previous post, How To Make A Massive Improvement To Your Blogs.


This post was written in response to the Worpress Daily Prompt 


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