If Up Two Us #2 (Sports Direct)

We take a weekly look at two things we would do for a known brand, with #IfUpTwoUs

This week Sports Direct.  Having suffered several bouts of bad press recently, we suggest now is a good time to rebrand.

logo (1)

1.  Rebrand

Introduce a more personal image in support of improved brand values and better public perception. (see example)


It’s hard to form an affinity with a brand that has a wholesale industrial supply look about it.  Picture the Sports Direct logo and you can image an (unsolicited) catalogue being posted through your door on its way to the bin, or a pair of trainers arriving in a large branded delivery bag that you long to rip up and dispose of.

News stories about working practices and conditions won’t have helped in ensuring positivity toward the brand.  That is almost certainly being addressed by internal reviews and policy changes, but it would be wise to create some additional space with a new image.

The inclusion of a sporting image helps convey purpose, and the use of lowercase is more personal that the brash uppercase.  The domain suffix can also be removed as people know how to find a website of their own accord and Sports Direct should be conveyed as a consumer retailer and not a online warehouse.

2. Create strong and original and content

A large amount of Sports Direct social media content is without persona.

Images often just look like an advert for the parent trainer company.  The same thing could be found on any website of any shoe shop, and gives little reason to shop with Sports Direct rather than order from the manufacturer.


Sports Direct is not active of Instagram, and a lot of Twitter posts are football news or trainers.

There is not an impression of originality, or of wanting to engage.  All content looks passive, expecting people to just see a shoe and want to go to Sports Direct to buy.  Where’s the courtship?

Sports Direct should be clear about how they want to be perceived, and how to ensure their fans and followers feel drawn to them.  That should come across in the content.


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