Yes, LinkedIn is not Facebook

If you use LinkedIn, you may at some point have seen a post reminding you that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.  Perhaps you even liked it or shared it.  Well, this is an alternative look at “social” type LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn, like other social media sites, doesn’t have guidelines on how the platform should be used.

Often a social media platform will evolve over time, and ultimately the user base decides how it is used.  In fact, it’s generally not a good idea to restrict any product without good reason.

PlayDoh was formed after Noah McVicker created a wallpaper cleaner that began to be used for modelling a crafts in schools.  Joseph McVicker (the inventor’s nephew) picked up on this and they were insightful enough to adapt and grow into their new market.

With regards to LinkedIn, it says of itself, “connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”.

People connect in different ways, and there are good reasons why this might include social posts. For example, someone may engineer a post that looks trivial but is intended to drive engagement.  Even a comment saying that the post doesn’t below on LinkedIn might ultimately help the brand reach a new audience!

Another example is someone targeting their network and/or peers for a positive response.
A sales person might post a sales meme that looks irrelevant to some, but that their peers identify with and that helps strengthen relationships and form new conversations.


It has also been shown that people are more productive when they are happy.  So again, the occaisional post that helps create a little happiness is fully in keeping with the LinkedIn mission.

Becoming more productive and successful can be achieved in a number of ways, and for that reason we like LinkedIn just as it is.


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