Nokia Dials In To Nostalgia

At one time, Nokia was a juggernaut of a phone company. Their handsets were the most prominent and even featured in the likes of The Matrix.

The signature Nokia ringtone went on to became the most heard piece of music in history.

Things (in the mobile phone industry especially) have moved on a lot since then.

Like Nintendo, Nokia is hoping to tap into nostalgia by bringing the 3310 back, and that in itself has brought Nokia back into relevance.

In the past month, interest in Nokia has doubled [circled in blue] and it now has a much more attentive audience to share its latest developments with.


This resourceful bit of marketing could yet save the company.

It was recently reported in Business Insider that the BlackBerry market share was “officially 0%”… only it isn’t… it’s 0.05%.  Not a big share of the market by any stretch of the imagination, but this is a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and that tiny little 0.05% share is worth more than $10M.

This is a market worth clinging onto, and we like the way Nokia is positioning itself to do that.


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