If Up Two Us #1 (Tesla)

We take a weekly look at two things we would do for a known brand, with #IfUpTwoUs

This week Tesla.  A brand that has a large and loyal following and positive sentiment because of it’s “green” reputation.

1. A campaign to address issues that might deter people from electric cars – “Positive About Electric” (see example ad)

Put off buying an electric car because it will run out when you need it, or need frequent charging?

Would you be willing to trade your phone for one that you need to take to a filling station every few days to top it up with energy instead?

2. Encourage the audience to share ways electricity improves (in their life, community, etc.).

How about giving people to win the use of a Tesla for a month?

Social media users could share the ways electricity helps in their lives, community etc. as part of a #PositiveAboutEnergy campaign.

The best entry wins a month with a Tesla model, and when each new winner is announced we could read of the previous winner’s time with the car.


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