The Power Of Brand Champions

Twitter has Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow), Lady Gaga (@gagamonster96) and Donald Trump (@RealDonaldTrump). Instagram has Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and The Rock. Snapchat has Chrissy Teigen, Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled (djkhaled305). YouTube has made stars like PewDiePie, Rhett & Link, and Roman Atwood. And Facebook has, all your friends and family! These accounts have millions of followers,... Continue Reading →


If Up Two Us #3 (Tesco)

In this week's #IfUpTwoUs review of how we would direct a brand, we take a look at Tesco. Create new values Rethink advertising strategies Tesco feature high on the list of companies with poor sentiment.  This is the result of an accounting scandal in 2014. If you were to look at a list of unpopular brands you would find... Continue Reading →

Conker careless mistakes

Mistakes.  Everyone makes them. To reduce the chances of a public faux pas, follow a few (quick and easy) steps. Plan ahead The best thing about planning ahead is it gives you time to get things right.  Writing under less pressure reduces the likelihood of slip-ups. Breaks reduce mistakes Another advantage of writing over a longer... Continue Reading →

Wishing bog-off to the pop-up

If you hear of anyone advocating pop-ups, it's because they cause some leads to become sales.   But, if you find someone is against pop-ups, it's because they are human, and have used the internet.   The only time a pop-up should be shoved in someone's face is when it acts as an alert. A... Continue Reading →

If Up Two Us #2 (Sports Direct)

We take a weekly look at two things we would do for a known brand, with #IfUpTwoUs This week Sports Direct.  Having suffered several bouts of bad press recently, we suggest now is a good time to rebrand. 1.  Rebrand Introduce a more personal image in support of improved brand values and better public perception. (see... Continue Reading →

If Up Two Us #1 (Tesla)

We take a weekly look at two things we would do for a known brand, with #IfUpTwoUs This week Tesla.  A brand that has a large and loyal following and positive sentiment because of it's "green" reputation. 1. A campaign to address issues that might deter people from electric cars - "Positive About Electric" (see example ad)... Continue Reading →

Yes, LinkedIn is not Facebook

If you use LinkedIn, you may at some point have seen a post reminding you that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook.  Perhaps you even liked it or shared it.  Well, this is an alternative look at "social" type LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn, like other social media sites, doesn't have guidelines on how the platform should be used. Often... Continue Reading →

Nokia Dials In To Nostalgia

At one time, Nokia was a juggernaut of a phone company. Their handsets were the most prominent and even featured in the likes of The Matrix. The signature Nokia ringtone went on to became the most heard piece of music in history. Things (in the mobile phone industry especially) have moved on a lot since... Continue Reading →

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